CONCEPTExperience true cost reduction that contributes to your bottom line

Yamato provides solutions to problems identified by the production management system, thereby contributing to a stable production of apparel products of superior quality and shorter delivery times. Yamato helps customers maximize profits and strengthen competitiveness by converting losses into profits.

  • Production Management System to
    identify production problems
  • Provide equipment that provides
    solutions to the problems identified


Labor Saving, Automation & Performance Apparel Solution

“Profitable Automation” proposed by Yamato, that improves performance of whole production line and contributes to lowering production-related costs.

"Connected Industry" (IoT) Ready

Production monitoring + remote control with the Production Management System

Solving root causes of bottleneck operation to improve performance of whole production line

  • Yamato address to root causes of the bottleneck operations and propose practical solutions
  • Not only automated machines, we propose equipment that deskill and standardize the works as well as eliminating operations.
  • Improved line balance results improved output of whole line

Consistent productivity and dramatically improved quality

  • Yamato’s solution realizes rationalized production, without relying on skills.
  • Top notch stitch performance and slack work control contributes to supreme quality garments.

New flatseamer enables supreme quality seam, without risk for needle punctuation & high maintenance skills

New Technology to Realize Beautiful & Functional Seam