Deskilling for Bottom hemming

Realizing high quality and flexibility


Semi-Automatic EZ (easy) Bottom Hemming Workstation

  • Deskilling Bottom Hemming operation
  • Flexible for different sewing conditions
  • High-quality finish
  • Eliminate bar tack with UTQ

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Deskilling Bottom Hemming

  • The device maintain the hem width automatically
  • Easy sewing for beginner level operators with stable quality
  • Decrease the loss at the start up


Flexible for different sewing conditions

  • Comparing to automats, as loading and overlapping are left manual, you can work on different sizes without changing settings. Also, there is no issues in side seam flipping.


High-quality finish

  • Top feeder to prevent ply shift and twists
  • Achieve stretchable seam by Active Thread Control


Eliminate bar tack with UTQ

  • YAMATO's UTQ device stops unravelling at the end of sewing
  • Eliminating tacking improves appearance and functionality