Reduce logistics costs and keep product quality during transport


Compression Packing Apparel Logistics System
By shipping goods in compressed packs, you can cut logistics costs and maintain quality

  • Higher loading efficiency and less warehousing space
  • Less damage during transportation
  • After opening package, returns to no-wrinkle

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Higher loading efficiency and
Less warehousing space

  • Production➡Packing➡Transport➡Open
  • Highly improve loading efficiency. e.g. from oversea factory
  • Remarkable down the volume and decrease storage cost much


Less damage during transportation

  • As items are protected by package,
  • prevent loss of accessories and price tags during hanger containers transportation
  • prevent risk of mold, stains due to shedding, and odor problem during transportation


After opening package,
returns to no-wrinkle

  • After several hours package opened, items return to beautiful no-winkle ones.
  • Reduces backyard space in shops
  • No need to be iron before displayed in shops