New Technology to Realize

Beautiful & Functional Seam


4 Needle 6 Thread, Feed-off-the-arm “Speed & DRY” Flatseamer
with World’s First Mechanism

  • Higher Quality without Risk for Needle Punctuation
  • More Elasticity
  • Compatible with Textured Thread

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Higher Quality without Risk
for Needle Punctuation

  • Realize neat, beautiful seam with ideal width but no risk of damaging fabric by retainer needle
  • Improved finish for printed fabric without needle holes


More Elasticity

  • Achieve more relaxed, stretchable seam by providing more thread
  • Conventional FD: Stretch x1.5
  • New FD: Stretch x1.8

Compatible with Textured Thread

  • Can deal with textured thread, which was difficult to sew with conventional machines
  • Low risk for needle thread half catch
  • No need of complicated adjustment: less burden on engineers