More Efficiency in Covering/

Top Stitching Operation


3(2) Needle 5(4) Thread Streamline Cylinder Bed Interlock Stitch Machine for Covering
with Puller Mechanism, Active Thread Control, Automatic Under Thread Trimmer with Anti-Unraveling Device

  • Support the Handling of Fabric
  • Improve Sewing Quality
  • Eliminate Bar Tacking Process

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Easy Handling

  • Smooth feeding of “heavy” elastic fabric by unique-shaped cylinder
  • Less burden on operators handling material
  • Wider space around the stitching area enables easier control of the works


Improve Sewing Quality

  • Uniformed finish by the puller mechanism
  • Rubber roller for less damage to the fabric
  • High sewing quality of elastic fabric by Active Thread Control


Bar Tacking Process

  • UTQ can stop seam unravelling from the end
  • Able to skip the bar tacking operation
  • Better outlook and function of the garments