You can eliminatethe inevitable hassleof knit sewing now.

Preventing unravelling without bartacking,offers beautiful appearance, elasticity, comfort...and many other advantages to your production.

Q-Finish helps you realize it.



Chain stitch is easy to be unravelled.However, tacking as a countermeasurecan cause some problems:

  • - Thick seams
  • - Difficult to stretch
  • - Energy & material consumption
  • - Risk of downtime & claims


Yamato's Q-Finish prevents unravelling.This brings a lot of advantages tothe entire apparel supply chain.


Cleaner finish without bartackingat the end of the seam

No more seam to be overlayed on the stitches


Unhindered seam elasticity

Stress-free to put on, take off and exercise


Less material & energy consumption

Cutting down the costs of tacking processcontributes to sustainability.


Less risk of needle breakage

Eliminating bartacking process reduceschances of critical consumer claims and downtime.

Q-Finish by UTQ



Automatic Thread Trimmer with Advanced Anti-unravel Function cylinder bed interlock stitch machine

A new feature to prevent the seam from being unraveled from the end, has been added on the thread trimmer of YAMATO cylinder bed interlock stitch machine VG/VGS.


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