History of Yamato

1927 manjiro.jpgManjiro Kondo, who had worked for Industrial Dept. of Japan Branch of The Singer Company, founded Kondo Sewing Machine Company in Osaka and began to engage in the import and sales of industrial sewing machines; then manufacturing and export of sewing machines for knitted materials. The business succeeded thanks to the excellent performance and quality of the products.
1946 Established a sales company "Kondo Co., Ltd." in Osaka City and a manufacturing company "Yamato Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. in Toyonaka City, Osaka.
Completed Model DC-1, the first Japan-made Overlock Machine.
1948 Name of the sales company was changed from "Kondo Co., Ltd." to "Kondo Sewing Machine Co., Ltd."
1949 Our standard drawing of overlock stitch machine was adopted as the original plan of Japan Standard Specification in International Trade and Machinery Bureau, Japan Sewing Machinery Industry Committee and Japan Sewing Machinery Technique Conference.
1960 Manjiro Kondo received "the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays", for his contribution to development of Japan's sewing machine industry
1966 Released model DCZ-361, high speed safety stitch machine and was evaluated highly in global market, along with overlock machine model DCZ-200, released in the previous year.
1968 Released DV-1400 series high speed flat bed interlock stitch machine
1981 Released "AT/TS/TF" device, the world's FIRST Seam Fastening Device on blind stitch machine for decreased consumer claim without sacrificing productivity.
1983 Kondo Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. and Yamato Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. amalgamated and formed a manufacturing / sales company "Yamato Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.
1984 Released "KSM-300", the world's FIRST Auto Serging Unit, which Can Do Both IN/OUT Curb Hands Free for deskillizing operations.
1987 Released "DW1645-LK", the world's FIRST interlock hemming machine with Left Hand Fabric Trimmer for improved finishing quality and dramatic labor saving.
Released "NB2000", the world's FIRST Electronic Button Sewing And Neck Wrapping Machine for labor saving and flexibility in sewing specifications.
Established a subsidiary company "YAMATO U.S.A. Inc."
1988 Released the world's FIRST Air Wiper on thread trimmer for interlock machine, improved both productivity and finishing quality, without mechanical hazard.
Established a subsidiary company "YAMATO CORPORATION" for sales of textile machinery
1989 Established a subsidiary company "YAMATO (HONG KONG) CO., LTD."
1990 Established a subsidiary company "YAMATO EUROPE GmbH."
1993 Released "VCF/VFF" series, the world's FIRST interlock machine with Top Feeder for enhanced finishing quality.
Established a subsidiary company "YAMATO SINGAPORE PTE. LTD."
1994 Carried out reform in production by introduction of New Production Method.
1995 Carried our reform in both direct and indirect operations.
1996 Released "VE2700" class, the world's FIRST small cylinder bed interlock machine with Differential Feed for easier handling and improved quality.
1997 Celebrated 70-year-anniversary since foundation
2000 Awarded "New Machine Development Award" set up by Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry for development of VG series, multi module interlock stitch machine.
Established a subsidiary company YAMATO SEWING MACHINE (NINGBO) CO., LTD.
2001 Established liaison offices in Delhi and Tirupur, India
Certified "ISO 9001 : 2000" an international standard for quality management system as the first party in the industry.
2002 JIAM2002 – Japan International Apparel Machinery Show - was successfully carried out in leadership of our president Mr. Shogo Kondo as Chairman of the Executive Committee of organizer.
2003 Released “VF2500-8” class and "VG2700-8" class, interlock stitch machines with “Active Thread Control” technology, as world's FIRST 200%+ Elastic Seam by Serial-production basis Interlock stitch machine for customers to meet requirement for stretchable fabric to come.
2005 Released “VGS-8” series, interlock stitch machines with Variable Top and Bottom Feeder and “Active Thread Control” technology.
2006 Awarded “Excellent Management Award – International Contribution Prize”
2007 Established Liaison Office in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.
Celebrated 80-year-anniversary since foundation
Established liaison office in Dhaka, Bangladesh
2008 Released "AZ8000SD-8" class, the world's FIRST Overlock Machine which achieved both High Speed & Dry Finish for decreased downtime while securing high productivity.
Mr. Shogo Kondo was appointed as Chairman of the Executive Committee of JIAM2008 Singapore.
Selected as one of “300 middle-sized high-spirited manufacturing companies, to be a foundation of future Japan” organized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Japan.
2009 Released “VFK2560-8” series, Flatbed Flatseamer, which dramatically lowers required skills for flatseaming operation.
2010 A subsidiary company, “Yamato Corporation” started marketing and service activities on sewing machines as well as textile machinery.
2012 Released “UTQ” device, to prevent double chain and interlock stitch from unraveling from the end.
2013 Mr. Shogo Kondo was appointed as Chairman of the Executive Committee of JIAM2016 Osaka.
2014 Certified as one of “100 Global Niche Top Enterprises ”, hosted by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, by recommendation of Shoko Chukin Bank
2017 Celebrated 90-year-anniversary since foundation
Our management team participated Economy mission, conducted by Japanese Government at the time of APEC Summit held in Danang, Viet Nam.
2018 Established a branch office in Okayama Prefecture to strengthen marketing & service activities in Western Japan.
2019 Exhibited our latest machines at "Japan-Africa Business Expo," held in parallel with TICAD7, hosted by Japanese Government.  Japan's Prime Minister, Mr. Shinzo Abe and H.E. Mr. Abdel Fattah el Sisi, President of Arabic Republic of Egypt visited our stand and experienced our semi-automated worksation in person.
2020 An article about our business activities has been published on Newsweek International.  Our marketing slogans "Made in Japan is cheaper than Made in China," as well as "We cannot reduce our product prices, but we can reduce your production costs" have been spreaded and highly evaluated within the industry worldwide. 
2021 Mr. Shogo Kondo, has been awarded the Medal with Blue Ribbon by the Japanese Government.
2023 "Yamato Sewing Machine Private Limited,"  our Indian subsidiary company started its operation.
Mr. Shogo Kondo was appointed as Chairman of the Executive Committee of JIAM 2024 OSAKA.
Launched "FD-62SD-LF" new feed-off-the-arm flatseamer, which enables ideal seam with appropriate width and extra stretch, without risk for damages on fabrics.