Zigzag Sewing Machines

LG series

1 Needle Lock Stitch Plain Zigzag Sewing Machine, for "Soft Stitch"

Yamato LG's "Soft Stitch" - enhanced finish in both appearance and function - is your best partner for making good quality intimate garments. With its high basic machine performance and practical components, Yamato LG strongly helps you make a difference in manufacturing high quality intimate garments.

Optional Devices


Computerized Accurate Tape Tension Controller

Be accurate, always. ACCU-10 is a Computerized Accurate Tape Tension Controller. As the device always adjust tape feeding amount to be right tension on tape while measuring actual tension, accurate finish can be obtained.

AEF device

Compact Type Clamp System for Automatic Tape Feeder

This device supplies tape into the machine without any tension. Tape feeding amount is adjustable to meet various kinds of tape with different elasticity. Clamp system is introduced for easy installation on machine table and relocation to other machines.

TB device

Back Tacker

TB device is the back tacker for LG series zigzag sewing machines.

UT-18 & UT-15

Automatic Thread Trimmer for LG series Zigzag Sewing Machines

UT-18 & UT-15 are automatic thread trimmers for LG series zigzag sewing machines. UT-18 has the anti-bird's nest function and can prevent bird's nest at the beginning of seaming.

SC30, SC31, SC50 & SC60

Lint Collection Pipe

SC devices are lint collection pipes which keep clean working environment and minimize downtime.

TL device

Compact Spot Light

Compact LED Spot Light Convenient for Threading and Adjustments