Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Yamato Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Yamato") recognizes that all personal information managed and used in its business activities must be handled and protected with care. Therefore, Yamato will follow the basic policy stated below.

1. How do we protect your personal information

Yamato will take necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the security of the personal information possessed by it and endeavor to maintain the contents of such personal information as accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary for business purposes.

2. How we use your personal information

We collect and use Personal information for the specific purposes for which you provide it, such as when you request information from us. We also collect and use information:

  • To enhance your experience at our site;
  • To perform site administration and technical support;
  • To notify you about our new and existing content, events, properties or services;
  • To enable you to enter promotional campaigns.
3. Third party

Yamato will not provide the personal information of any person to any third party without such person's approval, except the following cases:

  • The provision of the personal information will be suspended upon the individual's request and the matters stipulated for this provision in the Personal Information Protection Act are noticed or easily known to such person;
  • the work of handling personal information is entrusted, in whole or in part, to any third party to the extent necessary for Yamato's business purposes;
  • that Yamato will disclose the personal information of any specific person with any of its group companies to the extent necessary for business purposes and;
  • such disclosure of personal information to any third party is otherwise authorized under any applicable law or regulation.
4. Review

Yamato will engage in a strong effort to further enhance personal information protection systems by regularly reviewing and updating all rules and procedures regarding the handling of personal information, including this policy.

5. Privacy questions

If Yamato receives an inquiry from a person about the use or content of personal information related to that person, it will provide a reasonable response.

6. Applicable law

Yamato will comply with all applicable Japanese laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information.

Privacy Policy