Blind Stitch Machines

CM series

1 Needle 1 Thread Blind Stitch Machine

1 Needle 1 Thread Blind Stitch Machine - Yamato CM series Strongly Supports You with Its Stable Seam, Fine Quality Finish and High Versatility with Easy Adjustments.

Optional Devices

AT/TS2/TF, AT & T devices

Automatic Stitch Fastening & Solenoid type Automatic Thread Trimming Device with Automatic Thread Tension Device when Trimming Threads

Thread trimming devices for blind stitch machines. Further, AT/TS2/TF and AT/TS3/TF have anti-unraveling function to prevent seam unraveling of blind stitch.

TP device

Thread Pull-off Device for Blind Stitch Machines

Thread Pull-off device for CM series blind stitch machines enables high quality finish without wrinkles on soft and delicate fabrics taking advantage of fabric's texture.

AL, APL, FL & FDL device

Automatic Pressor Foot & Puller Lifter

Automatic Pressor Foot & Puller Lifter for CM series, FD series, VFK series, AZ series, VT series and MG series

TL device

Compact Spot Light

Compact LED Spot Light Convenient for Threading and Adjustments