AMF Reece

AMF Reece EBS Mark II

Hand Sewn Quality Electric Button Sewing and Neck Wrapping Machine

The AMF Reece EBS Mark II, electronic button sewing machine, duplicates the quality of hand sewn buttons with our unique floating needle technology. It performs a neatly sewn button that stands away from the jacket front with a tightly wrapped shank and no unsightly thread showing on the underside of the garment.

AMF Reece DECO 2000Y

Decorative Hand Stitching Machine

The AMF Reece renowned electronically controlled Deco 2000 machine duplicates the needlework of a skilled hand sewer by sewing pick stitch, saddle stitch and long/short variations. The machine, newly equipped with a thread trimming mechanism, can now sew with a stan- dard cone thread and is easily controlled by an user- friendly touch screen. A customized selection of decorative stitching also provides the operator with total flexibility and versatility with a wide range of applications.


Electronically Controlled Chainstitch Straight Buttonhole Machine for Decorative Non-functional Buttonholes on Jacket Sleeves

S4000-ISBH is an electronically controlled chainstitch straight buttonhole machine designed for sewing decorative non-functional buttonholes on jacket sleeves.

AMF Reece Series 39

Lockwelt Series Advanced Pocketwelting Machine

AMF Reece Series 39 can be used for all types of welted pockets and is ideal for all seg- ments of the apparel industry. Available models and a range of optional accessories make the machine capable for use on a wide variety of applications. Series 39 is capable of sewing at high speeds of up to 3,000 spm.

AMF Reece ES-505

Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole Machine

New revolutionary design, four patented mechanisms, currently the highest sewing speed in the market, excellent traditional buttonhole quality, large full color touch screen display – all presented in the new AMF Reece electronic eyelet buttonhole machine ES-505.

AMF Reece PF-2200

Sewing Unit for Folding and Attaching of Pockets Facings

The pocket facing machine is used for automatic folding and attaching of pocket facings onto the pocket bags with consistent quality and high productivity.