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Industrial Sewing Machines

Unlike household sewing machines, which must be more familiar to you, industrial sewing machines have been designed and manufactured with very high preciseness and care, for continuous run with high performance and durability in serial production of sewn goods, such as garments, home textile products, industrial textile products etc.

Therefore, there are a lot of different types of machines to suit many different sewn items and sewing processes.  Even though they do not look very much familiar to you, industrial sewing machines are the must equipment for your daily life and contribute to society.

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Serging Automation

Button Sewing Automation

Overlock & Safety stitch

Interlock (Flatlock/Coverstitch)


Double-chain stitch

Blind stitch


Sewing Machine Devices


ReformSewing machine for Alterations

Compression Apparel Logistics System

AMF Reece

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