Yamato's Mock-Lock Solution for high quality 
and high efficiency from sewing to finishingYamato's Mock-Lock Solution for high quality 
and high efficiency from sewing to finishing


Yamato's Mock-Lock Solution for high quality and high efficiency from sewing to finishing

Sewing of innerwear, etc. requires a delicate feel to the skin, such as in the seams of parts that directly touch the skin.

Mock-lock stitch is a smooth to the touch seam suitable for such situations, but it requires time and effort for both adjustment and sewing with ordinary sewing machines.

Yamato offers a variety of equipment to increase Mock-lock stitch production efficiency, including an Mock-lock ready overlock that allows Mock-lock sewing immediately after setup and a labor-saving device that mechanizes even the seam opening process after the sewing.

Yamato's Mock-lock Solution product line makes Mock-lock operation easier and of higher quality from sewing to finishing.



Mock-lock specification overlock for use in "out-of-the-box"

Mock-lock standard model that requires no adjustment and allows operating immediately after setup.


High-speed & Labor-saving Seam Opening Operation

Further productivity improvement through mechanization of back-end process


Highly efficient M-stitch machine of "out-of-the-box"

ML seam1.png
Beautiful Mock-Lock stitches can be sewn immediately after setup

AZ8020SD-ML High speed Overlock machine for Mock-Lock operation

M-stitching is a sewing technique with a delicate feel that is suitable for sewing innerwear whose seams directly touch the skin.
However, it has a bottleneck in that it is a special type of sewing that requires fine needle movement, so adjustments are necessary and speed is not fast enough.
AZ8020SD-ML with standard M-stitch specifications can improve the production efficiency of M-stitching.
The AZ8020SD-ML can start M-stitching immediately after setup, and its unique lubrication system enables stable high-speed operation without the risk of oil leakage, even with M-stitching.

Further production efficiency by mechanizing the post-processing as well


YMH-200 Seam opening machine

For the seam opening process after overlock sewing, the automatic seam opening machine YMH-200 can be introduced to speed up.

Compared to manual work, efficiency is improved by more than 50%, and quality risks such as finish variation and finger marks, which are unavoidable with manual work, are resolved.
When used in combination with ABH-500, it supports even more reliable high-speed production.

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