FD-62SD-LF series

4 Needle 6 Thread, Feed-off-the-arm "Loss-Free" Flatseamer

Yamato FD-62SD-LF is the Flatseamer for stretch materials that reduces defects and achieves extra stretch, outstanding apperance, comfort & functionality.

VFK series

4 Needle 6 Thread Flatbed Flatseamer with Active Thread Control

Yamato's flatbed flatseamer VFK series, which is easier in both operation and maintenance, supports you to add more value on your works. Its flatbed improves productivity of such operations a lot, as the fabric is much more stable and easier to handle. Even your single needle lock stitch operators can make perfect flatseaming in a very short period of time.

FD-62G series

4 Needle 6 Thread Flat-seamer, Feed-off-the-Arm

Yamato's feed-off-the-arm type 4 needle 6 thread flatseamer, FD-62G series is the right choice for your further prosperity. With its high performance and wide choice of submodels for various sewing conditions, which keep satisfying leading garment manufacturers worldwide, you can obtain further enhanced quality of your products while minimizing production downtime.

Optional Devices

RF device

Auxiliary Rear Feeding Device

RF device is the auxiliary rear feeding device for feed-off-the-arm type flatseamers. It feeds thread-chains and fabrics behind the pressor foot to make positive feed performance and minimize the risk of clogging.

AC device

Air-operated Thread Chain Cutter at the Beginning and the End of Seaming

AC devices are Air-operated Automatic Thread Chain Cutter at the Beginning and the End of Seaming for FD series and DT series. Just pressing the pedal or the knee switch, AC devices automatically cut thread chains both at the beginning and the end of seaming.

AL, APL, FL & FDL device

Automatic Pressor Foot & Puller Lifter

Automatic Pressor Foot & Puller Lifter for CM series, FD series, VFK series, AZ series, VT series and MG series

SC30, SC31, SC50 & SC60

Lint Collection Pipe

SC devices are lint collection pipes which keep clean working environment and minimize downtime.

TL device

Compact Spot Light

Compact LED Spot Light Convenient for Threading and Adjustments