4 Needle 6 Thread, Feed-off-the-arm "Loss-Free" FlatseamerFD-62SD-LF series


The Flatseamer for stretch materials that reduces defects and achieves extra stretch, outstanding apperance, comfort & functionality

  • Extra Stretch. Stitch elasticity is improved by 30%. Enables sewing suitable for high value-added performance apparel
  • Innovative new technology enables you achieve outstanding stitches in terms of width, elasticity, and texture without the risk of needle holes
  • Meets advanced sewing needs without the need for complicated adjustments

Extra Stretch, Without the Risk for Breakage

With the new design that securely tightens the needle thread at low tension, the seam stretchability is improved by 30%. This significant reduction in needle thread half catch and seam jams ensures high-quality seams required in premium products.


Innovative New Technology for the Perfect Seam

FD-62SD-LF's innovative technology makes it possible to create flat and wide enough seams without the risk of damaging fabric by retainer needle.


Contribute to Cost Reduction

FD-62SD-LF helps customers improve profitability. FD-62SD-LF is equipped with advanced technologies that reduce quality and time waste. It meets advanced sewing needs without the need for complicated adjustments and reduces the risk of seam breaks, needle holes, and oil stains.

Extra Stretch, Without the Risk of Breakage

30% Increased Seam Elasticity


For premium performance apparel, the key lies in seams that combine appearance, comfort, and functionality.

FD-62SD-LF allows low tension on the needle threads, enabling a higher supply of thread to the seams and achieving 30% higher seam elasticity, meeting the requirements of high-performance apparel seaming.


(Note: *1) Seam stretchability is affected by sewing conditions such as thread type, stitching speed, and thread tension.)

Innovative Technology for the Perfect Seam

Eliminates Needle Marks from Any Fabric


Equipped with the brand-new mechanism, the FD-62SD-LF liberates the flatseam sewing process from the risks associated with needle marks.

It allows for the creation of flat, wide and neat seams without the need for retainer needles, making it especially suitable for delicate fabrics like sublimation prints and coated materials, where needle marks could be disastrous.

With the FD-62SD-LF, you can achieve flawless seams without the risk of needle marks, without the need for delicate adjustments.

Significantly Reduced Risk of Needle Thread Half Catch and Seam Jams

FD-62SD-LF minimizes the risk of needle thread half catch when using low stretch wooly threads.

Seam jams and puckering are also reduced. It minimizes downtime during production and finishing.

High-Quality Seams without Complex Adjustments


The new mechanism allows for the realization of high-quality seams through standard adjustments, addressing challenges like skill transfer, remote production, and frequent changeovers.

Smooth&Dry Technology to Eliminate Oil Stains

Ensures stable operation without the need for stain removal and repairs.

As the sewing head has been securely sealed, there is least risk for oil to drop directly on fabric surface.  Also, special seal has been introduced in outlet of feed bars to avoid oil stain on reverse side of fabric.  With smooth operation unhindered by oil stains, you can expect extended machine life and reduced downtime due to stain removal and sewing repairs.

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