Knit Sewing Automation


Semi-Automatic Easy Bottom Hemming Workstation

Critical Operation Can be "EZ" Now. EZH-B is the Yamato's Easy Hemming Workstation. EZH-B drastically deskills the circular hemming, one of the most critical operations on knitwear assembly. EZH-B offers further quality with less sewing skill, allowing you high productivity and uniform finish.


Semi-Automatic Easy Overlock Hemming Workstation

Yamato ABH-500 is a semi-automatic deskilling workstation designed for overlock hemming to make it easier and more aesthetically pleasing. It deskills the overlock hemming process, which previously required operators with the advanced sewing skill. ABH-500 contributes to stable production without dependend on highly skilled operators.


Seam Opening Machine

Yamato YMH-200 is an automatic seam opening machine that improves productivity and quality in underwear production. YMH-200 automates seam opening processes such as mock-lock and overlock hems, improving work efficiency by 50% or more compared to manual operation. It also contributes to improved product quality by eliminating variations, irregularities, and stains caused by manual labor.


High Production & Deskilling Sleeve Hemming Workstation

BAF-S-VFS2511-8 is a High Production & Deskilling Sleeve Hemming Workstation which combines a top feeder with a air guiding hemming folder so that even a beginner can handle the sleeve hemming operation with uniform and high quality finish. Also, BAF-S minimizes fabric losses to save material costs which accounts for the majority of the material cost, because it employs "NO TRIM" method which does not trim fabric edges.