Semi-Automatic Easy Overlock Hemming WorkstationABH-500


Realize Easier Overlock Hemming with Higher Quality

  • Yamato ABH-500 is a semi-automatic deskilling workstation designed for overlock hemming to make it easier and more aesthetically pleasing. It deskills the overlock hemming process, which previously required operators with the advanced sewing skill. ABH-500 contributes to stable production without dependend on highly skilled operators.

Deskilling Overlock Hemming Operation

Automatic device to form and maintain the hem which are the most difficult part of blind hemming with overlock machines.
Operator should only load the fabric to the hemming guide.

High & Stable Quality


No miss-stitch at side seam.
Stable quality regardless of the operators’ skill.

Quick Start Up & Stable Production

Contribution to profits made by quick start-ups


ABH-500 makes blind hemming operation easy for beginner level operators.

It enables garment producers to produce garments independent on the skilled operators and contributes to quick start up.