Double-Chain Stitch Machines

VC2840P, VC2845P & VC3845P

Multi Needle Machine with Puller for Inserting (attaching) Elastic tape

VC2840P, VC2845P & VC3845P are Multi Needle Machines with Puller for Inserting (attaching) Elastic tape. These cylinder bed shape multi needle machine ensure, with speed and ease, firm and beautiful inserting (attaching) of elastic tape. With the optional UT-A50T device, manual thread trimming operation can be eliminated thanks to the short cut thread trimming function reducing remaining thread tail by 2 to 3 mm.

DT series

Feed-off-the-Arm, 3 Needle Double Chain Stitch Machine for felling operation of heavy weight garments

DT-30 is designed for felling operation of heavy weight garments such as denim pants, denim jackets, working wear, and etc. Yamato DT-30 ensures twist-free beautiful finish even on very thick part like crotch seam of denim pants and strongly supports your improvement in productivity and quality.

MG series

2, 4 Needle Double Chain Stitch Machine with Needle Feeding for Attaching Waist Band on Jeans

Yamato MG series is 2, 4 Needle Double Chain Stitch Machine with Needle Feeding for Attaching Waist Band, as One of the Most Important Process of Manufacturing Jeans. It offers good feeding performance for heavy weight material thanks to the needle feeding mechanism. Compensation type puller enables to correspond different thickness of material. The series lines up a curved waist band ready model to improve fitness.

VM series

Cylinder Bed, Looper in Line Feed, Double Chainstitch Machine, with Rear Puller

VM series Cylinder Bed, Looper in Line Feed, Double Chainstitch Machine is For Attaching Woven Elastic Band at the Waist of Jogging Pants and etc.

Other Double-chain Stitch Machines

VG, VF & AZF series Double-chain Stitch Machines

Yamato offers a wide array of double-chain stitch machines for various applications including Top Stitching of Display Tape, Attaching Tape, for Lap Seaming on Jeans, Serging and Attaching Pocket Facing, Binding Tape on the Edge of Pocket Bag.

Optional Devices


Computerized Accurate Tape Tension Controller

Be accurate, always. ACCU-10 is a Computerized Accurate Tape Tension Controller. As the device always adjust tape feeding amount to be right tension on tape while measuring actual tension, accurate finish can be obtained.

AEF device

Compact Type Clamp System for Automatic Tape Feeder

This device supplies tape into the machine without any tension. Tape feeding amount is adjustable to meet various kinds of tape with different elasticity. Clamp system is introduced for easy installation on machine table and relocation to other machines.

WF device

Walking Pressor Foot

WF devices are walking pressor feet designed to move back and forth in cooperation with feed dogs with minimum pressure, and help improving feeding performance. Those are useful in hemming, covering, top stitching operation preventing twists, ply shifts or tracks of foot on dark colored fabric.

P & PR device

Puller Mechanism

Puller mechanisms


Automatic Under Thread Trimmer with Anti-Unraveling Device for Interlock Stitch Machines

UTQ device forms an anchor by needle thread at the end of 2/3 needle coverstitch and 401 stitch, in order to avoid seam unravelling from the end. "Q-finish" enables elimination of tacking operation done by single needle lock stitch and bar-tacker.


Air-operated Under Thread Trimmer with Wiper and Waste Collection with Short Cut Thread Trimming Function for Multi Needle Machines

UT-A50T is the air-operated under thread trimmer with short cut thread trimming function for VC2840P, VC2845P and VC3845P multi-needle cylinder bed double chain stitch machines. The epoch thread trimming system performs virtually no thread tail finish.

UT-A50 & UT-A60

Air-operated Under Thread Trimmer for Multi Needle Machines

Air-operated Under-thread Trimmer designed for multi-needle machines, VC2840P, VC2845P and VC3845P

AC device

Air-operated Thread Chain Cutter at the Beginning and the End of Seaming

AC devices are Air-operated Automatic Thread Chain Cutter at the Beginning and the End of Seaming for FD series and DT series. Just pressing the pedal or the knee switch, AC devices automatically cut thread chains both at the beginning and the end of seaming.

AR devices

Air-operated Roller Tension Controller

Movable air-operated rear and lower roller tension controllers, for uniform finish of elastic inserting operations.

AS device

Air-operated Folder Slider

AS device is an Air-operated Folder Slider.  AS device controls open / close of folder for easy loading of material and smooth overlapping at the end of circular sewing.

TL device

Compact Spot Light

Compact LED Spot Light Convenient for Threading and Adjustments