IMB 2000 ended with very good results!

  • 2000/06/09
  • Event / Exhibition

IMB 2000, held in Cologne, Germany for 5 days from 30th May to 3rd June, 2000 ended with very good results.

According to the announcement from Köln Messe, 754 companies from 40 countries participated, the best result in the fairs history and around 30,000 trade visitors from over 100 countries were registered, increased in comparison to IMB 97.

Our Yamato booth also showed activity with a heated atmosphere.

We, Yamato, exhibited 45 items with the exhibition concept " User-Friendly " , as the result, our main models <G series ; New Overlock Machine / Safety Stitch Machine>, <VG series ; New Interlock Stitch Machine> and our newest models, IMB 2000 was the first time to be exhibited <LG series ; Lock Stitch Zigzag Machine> and <MG series; Double Chain Stitch Machine With Needle Feeding> are focused the spotlight of attention.

(No. in below refers to each No. in brochures.)In particular, models and devices as below are accorded a favorable reception.


Overlock Machine

Models as below centering around G series equipped with unique self-cleaning system attracted public attention.

AZ8020G/ABT17 ; fitted with automatic back-tacker enables to obtain short back-tack length, min.10 mm.

AZ8079G+UB6 ; capable of sewing on material hard to be sewn and also equipped with uncurler device for both inside and outside curl.

AZF8471L ; equipped with lower metering device for attaching elastic tape to swim wear, leotard, etc.

AZF8120G ; overlock machine for sewing wide seam width max.: 8.0 mm.

AZ8022G ; Serging with overlock and top-stitching with lock stitch can be performed in one operation.


Interlock Stitch Machine 

Multi module VG series, better effect for equipment investment and models as below attracted public attention.

VG2740/UTL-A34 ; equipped with air-operated automatic under thread trimmer fitted with stitch lock mechanism.

VG2740-CA2/UT-A34 ; equipped with chain-off mechanism, thread chain can be obtained without spreader thread.

VG3721/UTL-A34 ; fitted with unique left hand knife trimming mechanism, which can be removed and also its movement can be canceled.

BAF-S ; high production hemming machine, sewing with uniformed width and without trimming.


Feed-Off-The-Arm 4 Needle Flat Seamer 

FD-62-12HS ; enables smooth and even feeding performance and neat finish even for sewing crotch of men’s brief which contains many different portions in thickness.

FD-62-09HS ; for sewing light weight dive suit

Other models 

AZF8611G ; safety stitch machine equipped with special gauge and swing-out type folder for attaching zipper.

MG2002P ; new series, 2 needle double chain stitch machine with needle feeding for sewing waistband of jeans.

VG2001 ; single needle double chain stitch machine equipped with balloon stitch mechanism(patent pending).

LG series ; new series of LG, high speed single needle lock stitch zigzag machine

Models above were highlights in Yamato booth of IMB 2000.

Through IMB 2000, many inquiries and materialization in business can be obtained and as the result, we, Yamato got many praises from agents in Europe attended at IMB 2000.

We, Yamato offer our cordial thanks to trade visitors and agents who came to our Yamato booth of IMB 2000.