3(2) Needle 5(4) Thread Cylinder Bed Interlock Stitch Machine for Hemming with Left Hand Fabric Trimmer with Active Thread ControlVG3511-8F


For Stress-free Hemming Operation

  • Stress-free Handling, Material Saving and Easy "Stitch on Stitch" Overlap! thanks to Fabric Guides and Fabric Trimmer Mechanism
  • Capable for handle from fleece to microfiber thanks to Active Thread Control
  • No worry about oil stain thanks to "Non-stain" Technology
  • Various User-friendly Features

Stress-free Handling, Material Saving and Easy "Stitch on Stitch" Overlap!

Fabric Guides and Fabric Trimmer Mechanism


Uniquely designed fabric guides and downsized fabric trimmer enables stress-free handling while holding down trimming mergin.

Also, for circular work, "stitch on stitch " overlapping can be done without removing the edge from the guide or, even paying any attension on allignment.


From Fleece to Microfiber

Active Thread Control

Visible adjustment thanks to the Active Thread Control

Epoch-making "Active Thread Control" help you being flexible for any sewing conditions from neatly tightened seam for standard knits, to highly elastic soft seam for recent underwear and sportswear.

Incrediblly stretch!

No worry about oil stain!

"Non-stain" Technology


Stable minimal lubrication, unique sealing technology, and forcible circular lubrication ensures stain-free finish, without sacrificing machine's performance.

Various User-friendly Features


External looper thread take-up cam for easy adjustment and minimized downtime.


Easy switch-over of needle bar stroke from 31mm to 33 and vice versa.


Set-in Style Handwheel for minimized risk for trouble.