4 Needle 6 Thread Feed-off-the-Arm "Magic Dry" FlatseamerFD-62DRY series


Yamato FD-62DRY series offers further enhanced quality of your products while minimizing production downtime with Magic DRY Technology.

  • Yamato Magic DRY technology, Combination of Sealed Structure and Hybrid Lubrication, Minimizes impact on quality and delivery. Also, minimized use of chemicals help you go GREEN.
  • You can obtain further enhanced quality of your products while minimizing production downtime.

Yamato's Magic DRY Technology

DRY Technology Combined Sealed Structure and Hybrid Lubrication

Stain-free Finish
For mimimized impact on quality and delivery.  Also, minimized use of chemicals help you go GREEN.

High Speed
For stress-free operation, which enables higher productivity.

Long Life
For high efficiency against your equipment invenstment

Sealed Structure 


NO opening left above sewing area.  And, special seals have been introduced on each moving shaft and bar to isolate lubricated internal mechanism from dusty outer environment.

Also, ends of shaft have been carefully covered and sealed as well.

Hybrid Lubrication


Pressor Foot Floating System


The system ensures smooth feeding of various fabric; from single jersey to fleece, stretchable and uneven thickness portion.  Besides, overlapping amount of upper / lower fabric is easily adjustable.

Small Cylinder for Easy Small Tubular Operations


Cylinder circumference at the needle dropping point is 148 mm.  This small cylinder enables small tubular operations.  Also, long cylinder of 200 mm before needle dropping point provides a wide operation space.

Differential Feed Amount


Easily adjustable by outer lever.

Needle Thread Tension Adjustment


Tension can be adjusted individually for neat stitch formation.